8 Step process

1. Client Details

This is where our team get a better understanding of your current financial position, your appetite for risk and the goals that you would like to achieve.

2. Strategy Session

In the second step we will meet with you one on one to analyse your current position and strategically form a 10-year growth plan that will help you achieve your financial goals. At Your Property Your Wealth we will build a team around you to ensure that you are taken care of in every step of the process. Our team will aim to educate you throughout the process on how to become a better investor and build a portfolio safely.

When it comes to building a portfolio our team recognises that everyone is different and everyone has different needs. Some want to build a portfolio quickly and others want to build a portfolio slowly with safety measures put in place to put their mind at ease. Our team aim will cater to everyone’s needs and appetite for risk. We always aim to advise our clients to grow their own portfolio with in their current financial ability. With the help of our team we will implement a strategy that helps your portfolio have maximum exposure to the property market. Your portfolio will be diversified so that at any one time you have the potential for your portfolio to be growing.

If you want to have the potential of building wealth, book your strategy session with our team today.

3. Finance

With the help of our mortgage broking team we aim to bring the best deals to you that suit your current financial needs. When it comes to getting a loan it is not just about the rate, it is about flexibility of the loan and strategically placing your loans with certain banks in order to build a larger portfolio. Our broking team will be able to assess your serviceability to find the right bank that will suit your next purchase and even your purchase after that. Our broking team will walk you through the process as well as educate you to ensure that you have a better understanding of your goals.

4. Find a Property

When it comes to finding a property it is hard to know where to start. Our research team has already done the hard work for you. They have researched each state to select the state that has the potential for growth. Then they will narrow down specific areas using key questions to ensure that the area we choose has all necessary growth drivers.

Our professional buyers agent team is constantly looking in these areas for properties that are under market value. Our team has relationships with other agents to ensure that if any good deals come up, then we know about them.

In the process of finding a property we will strategically choose the area and property that will suit your portfolio and aid in diversifying to ensure that you access different growth drivers. It is not all about just choosing a property; but what is the right property for your portfolio at the current time of purchasing.

Once we have chosen the property our property management team will go through the property to conduct an overall analysis and rentability of the property. We will conduct a report for you of the property so that you know the condition and the estimate cashflow of the property.

5. Negotiate

When it comes to negotiating knowing the market is key to a successful negotiation process. Through comparable sales and knowing the market we can analysis what the property is worth. Our buyer’s agent team then can build a case to aid them in negotiating the best possible price for you. Our team will assess the returns that you will get on the property to ensure the property is viable for purchase. We aim to ensure that the purchase price is in line with your goals and aids in maximising the potential growth in your portfolio.

6. Pest and Building

Our pest and building teams are among the best. We have hand selected them ourselves to ensure a thorough analysis on the property has been carried out. At the end of the pest and building being carried out you will be emailed with a report that will be detailed on the properties condition. They will determine if the property is structurally sound to proceed with the buying process.

7. Conveyancing

Our conveyancing team will help you go through the necessary checks you will need to undertake to settle your property.

8. Property Management

When it comes to managing your property you need a professional property management team behind you. You want to ensure that your new asset is in good hands. Our property management team has gone through our strict selection process in order to represent us.

Your new property manager will be able to help you in carefully selecting a tenant suitable for your house. They will conduct routine inspections throughout the year to ensure that the property is up to standard and if there are any maintenance issues to be attended to. They will be able to pay your bills associated with the house in order to help free up your time.