Founder of Your property your wealth

Hi, my name is Daniel Walsh and I am the founder of Your Property Your Wealth. Ever since I was a child I was passionate about property, I read every book and went to every seminar to sort out the top investors in Australia. Over the years I have been mentored by some of the top investors around Australia to develop my investing strategy that I still use today. I knew that if I were to retire in my 30’s then I would have to think differently from the rest.

From 2011 I started to build my team around me that would become my foundation to building a portfolio worth 3 million dollars, with equity of over a million dollars by the age of 26 years old. I have made more money then the average house holds net worth over their 40 year working life in just 6 years. Now I see my net worth growing between $150,000 to $200,000 per year before I even get out of bed in the morning.

After achieving this at such a young age I began to draw attention to myself, people were asking me how I managed to built a multi-million dollar portfolio while going on expensive holidays and driving around in brand new cars. This is when I started to teach others my philosophies on creating wealth.

At Your Property Your Wealth we aim to create a community of investors that are the top 1 % of investors in Australia and are able to achieve their own financial freedom. We are committed to teaching you our investing strategies and how to change your mindset from thinking poor to thinking rich.

When it comes to building a portfolio it can be difficult changing your mind set from saving a penny to make a penny, to leveraging your money safely. At Your Property Your Wealth we will help mentor you in making the right financial decisions to help secure your financial future. Let our team help you build your financial wealth.

I look forward to seeing you join our community in the near future.

Daniel Walsh

What we aim to achieve for you

Here at Your Property Your Wealth we aim to make buying a house an easy and smooth process. Along the way we will aim to educate you on the buying process, meet our professional team, better understand viable areas to invest, information on growth areas, and how to setup your finances and accounting with our team that is provided.

As buyers agents we’re committed to:

  • Building a diverse portfolio for our clients

  • Minimising risk

  • Educating our clients

  • Replacing your current salary with passive income

How we help our clients:

  • We help educate clients In property investing

  • Build a solid foundation team around them to execute educated decisions

  • Choosing an area to invest

  • The buying process, with choosing a property, negotiations, Finance, settling a property, finding professional property managers

How we choose a property

When choosing properties it is vital that the selection process is structured. First we narrow down an area with key data and information that suggests an investment opportunity. We answer hand-selected questions to tell us what is happening in the area.

Once we have selected an area we then start studying this area to better understand the market value. We look at what is in demand, what people are looking for and the rental demand. We carefully select a few houses that will suit our criteria. Then we run the numbers on each of these houses. This will be the affordability test. We break down the costs associated with the house weekly against the rent and depreciation from the property, this will determine how much out of pocket you will be each week. On each house that has past these tests we then get our professional property manager’s to look over the property to make sure it is suitable for our clients and tenant’s. Once all the nessecory checks have been done we will make a formal offer subject to our set conditions. Once we have negotiated on a property we sign contracts and then start all our checks in the cooling off period. The checklist provided will detail what is required from you.