High level of expertiseWe are a leading investment buyers agency

We are a leading investment buyers agency that are dedicated to creating wealth for our clients.

We assist our clients enhance the value of their investments. We are a comprehensive buyers agency which help our clients from researching viable areas to buy, negotiating the property purchase, settling and managing properties. With our streamline operations we reduce costs, minimise risk and drive quantifiable financial performance.

  • Professional buyers agents

  • Solicitors

  • Pest inspectors

  • Property managers

  • Brokers

  • Conveyancers

  • Building inspectors

  • Accountants

Services we provide

Professional buyers agents

Our Buyer’s Agents have extensive market knowledge, Investing background and are skilled negotiators. We provide a compressive area report for each of our clients, see an example here: Property Report

Mortgage brokers

Our broker of choice is a skilled property investor with 19 Properties. He understands how to secure finance that will allow you to build a sizable portfolio.


We have solicitors based all around Australia that will help you understand the process of the state you’re buying in. Their aim Is to educate, and settle your house on time.

Pest /Building inspectors

Our pest and building inspector makes sure that the property is structurally sound and will advise on ways to improve the property.

Property managers

We hand select property managers that will inspect our properties before we buy them. They will ensure the rental potential, location of the property and the condition of the property. They will manage and help maintain your property throughout the time you hold the property for.


Accounting is such an important process in property investing. When it comes to Accountant’s it is hard to look past ours.I personally use him to look after my portfolio. Our Accountant looks after portfolio’s as big as 200 properties and is an expert in his field. If you need guidance on structuring or tax then he is the guy to go see.

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