3 Properties in 2 years with more then $500,000 worth of equity at the age of 26

Tyler Frakes

Satisfied Client
Number of houses : 3
Total portfolio : 1.4 million
Total debt : $870,000
Equity : $530,000
Timeframe : 2 years
Strategy : buy and hold (Accumulation phase)


Satisfied Client
Age : 27
Number of houses : 2
Total portfolio : $950,000
Total debt : $590,000
Net worth : $360,000
Strategy : build a foundation portfolio of 10 properties.

We met with Joel and Jessica 1 year ago, they were looking at building a portfolio but didn’t know how to go about it. With the help of YPYW we helped buy their first investment property, and 12 months later we refinanced their investment property and are now in the process of buying two more investments. Total value will be 1.7million.
With a 6% average growth rate over a 10 year period their portfolio will be worth over 3 million dollars.